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  • Countertop Lid Organizers

    Tomlinson's new Lid Organizers consolidates lids, condiments and other accessories into an easy to access, orderly display.

  • Flight Paddles and Boards

    Sample and serve beer, wine, liquors, desserts and more with Tomlinson's new Flight Paddles and Boards!

  • Glenray® Mini Warmer

    Get the power of a Glenray® Kettle in a smaller package with the new Glenray® Mini Warmer. Use Tomlinson’s Glenray® Mini Warmer for niche items with a small but devoted following. The Glenray Mini provides the fl exibility to try new things in smaller batches, test market it, and expand your customer base! Enjoy greater control in portioning out cook/chill items and make smaller batches of scratch items. The mini warmer also goes places full-size kettles and warmers can’t, meaning smaller operations can offer soups, stews, sauces, gravies, and dips while occupying a dramatically smaller footprint. Available in either black powder-coated steel or stainless steel body. NSF certified for hot food holding and rethermalization.

  • Logoed Cup Dispensers

    Tomlinson's grab-n-go cup dispenser can be paired with a custom logo to instantly create an eye-catching point-of-purchase display. Branded cup dispensers serve as a reminder to customers to buy fountain drinks, coffee, iced tea, and other beverages before leaving the store to boost impulse purchases.

  • New and Improved Glenray® Kettle

    Tomlinson Industries unveils the redesigned Glenray Kettle, making Tomlinson’s #1 soup-warming kettle even more rugged and easier to use for preparing, holding, warming, and serving soups and other hot food specialties.

  • Onion Ring Holder

    The new Onion Ring Holder is a cast aluminum burnished finish 6-1/2" diameter dish with 11-1/4" tall pole situated atop to conveniently serve onion rings, donuts, bagels, soft pretzels and more! Underliner options available.

  • Retail Packaged Cast Iron

    Tomlinson Industries pairs their high-quality, long-lasting cast iron products with eye-catching packaging to create a presentation that’s sure to grab your customers’ attention. Retail-ready packaging allows cast iron griddles, platters, and more to be conveniently showcased on shelves or stacked to create dynamic floor displays.

  • Silicone Sleeve Insulates Metal Faucets

    Tomlinson’s molded silicone sleeves prevent accidental burns from touching the faucet body while dispensing hot liquids such as boiling water.

  • Skateboard Servers

    Tomlinson's new Skateboard Servers make food presentation and service elegant and easy.

    The new Smart Spout snaps into a Tomlinson faucet to record date, time and duration of use. It's easy to monitor usage with the Smart Spout!

  • 850W Valve

    Dispense viscous liquids at gravity pressure. Valve is NSF listed.

  • Antimicrobial HFSLT and HFSF Faucets

    HFSLT and HFSF faucets are now available with antimicrobial SteriTouch® technology to inhibit bacteria growth on the faucet.

  • Up-Scale Crystal Handle

    Tomlinson's new Crystal Handle instantly adds glamour and elegance to your urn, dispenser or container.

  • Tomlinson Pro-Flo Products Receive Certification

    Tomlinson Industries' Pro-Flo Products receive the NSF/ANSI Standard 61 - Annex G Certification.

  • Chrome Plated HFSL Faucets

    Tomlinson now offers the HFSL Faucets with a chrome plated finish.

  • No-Drip Faucets now NSF/ANSI Compliant

    Tomlinson's line of No-Drip Faucets are now NSF/ANSI Standard 169 AB1953 Compliant.

  • Juice Faucet

    Tomlinson's SPBJU Juice Faucet will easily dispense thick pulpy juices and beverages.

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