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Modular® - The Number One Name In
Dispensing Systems

The complete Modular Dispensing Systems line will fit virtually any dispensing application - from lid and condiment dispensers to cup and ice cream cone dispensers.

Self-adjusting Simpli-Flex® 2000 product lineCat_Dispensers_Image_1

ICN-NSFSimpli-Flex® 2000 products feature the self-adjusting Simpli-Flex 2000 cup dispenser which can dispense paper, plastic and styrofoam cups up to 44 ounces. The Simpli-Flex 2000 cup dispenser can be wall, stand, under counter in-counter, or cabinet mounted. A portion cup dispenser for under counter or in-counter/cabinet mounting is also available.

Self-adjusting Simpli-Flex® cup and ice cream cone dispensers

ICN-NSFSelf-adjusting Simpli-Flex® dispensers are the accurate way to dispense cups and ice cream cones. Simpli-Flex is proven - over a quarter million Simpli-Flex cup and ice cream cone dispensers are in use today.Cat_Dispensers_Image_4

Simpli-SizeTM adjustable cup dispensers

ICN-NSFThe new Simpli-Size adjustable cup dispensers feature simple, simultaneous, snap-into-place adjustment.  No tools required, just one turn and all 3 adjusting fingers snap into place.

Mounting stands and accessories

Z-stands and rotary stands are countertop dispensing stands for tubular lid, cup and cone dispensers. Dispensers are ordered separately.

Lid, condiment, straw and napkin dispensers

These dispensers help organize self-serve areas and minimize waste. Keep your countertop clean with your choice of three condiment dispensers - the four compartment high volume condiment dispenser, the four compartment mountable condiment dispenser tray, and the nine compartment condiment dispenser.

A better gasket makes a better dispenser - Here’s Why

Cat_Dispensers_Image_6Modular® dispensers feature the exclusive patented
Simpli-Flex® gasket. It’s totally self-adjusting to
accurately dispense paper, plastic or styrofoam cups up to 64 ounces. With Simpli-Flex, you are assured one-at-a-time dispensing, every time. And the Simpli-Flex
gasket seals the cup from contamination.The Simpli-Flex
gasket is precision engineered and constructed of FDA approved materials. The gasket is molded of tear-resistant silicone. It is not die cut. And the Simpli-Flex gasket is easy to install - it just slips on the dispenser! The gasket is NSF listed.

Modular Dispensers