High Chairs, Booster Seats, Infant Carrier Holders and Tray Stands

  • The Marston High Chair*

    The Marston High Chair*

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    Solid 3/4" oak restaurant high chair with mortise and tenon frame construction and large contoured seat. This restaurant high chair features instant-release safety straps with crotch strap. Radius edges keep food from collecting. Wooden restaurant high chairs easily stack and store. These restaurant high chairs are a great addition to any food-serving establishment. Dimensions: Depth: 19" (483 mm), Height: 29" (737 mm), Width: 18" (457 mm) Height to seat: 21" (533 mm), Height to arm: 26-3/4" (679 mm)

    Model #DescriptionCase Qty.Shipping Wt. lbs./kgs.Price
    1016298C-30 BK Child's High Chair, black finish118.00/8.00$164.00
    1016303C-30 N Child's High Chair, natural finish118.00/8.00$164.00
    1016306C-30 RM Child's High Chair, red mahogany finish118.00/8.00$164.00
    1016310C-30 W Child's High Chair, walnut finish118.00/8.00$164.00
    1016309C-30 UF Child's High Chair, Unfinished118.00/8.00$164.00
    1017594C-35 N Child's High Chair, natural finish, 36" (914 mm) tall121.00/10.00$261.00
    1018774C-35W Child's High Chair, 36" Tall, Walnut Finish121.00/10.00$261.00
    1024932C 30 EF N High Chair, natural finish118.00/8.00$111.00
    1024933C-30 EF W High Chair, walnut finish118.00/8.00$111.00
    1024936C-30 EF BK High Chair, black finish118.00/8.00$111.00
    1024935C-30 EF RM High Chair, red mahogany finish118.00/8.00$111.00
    1024937C-35 EF N High Chair, natural finish121.00/10.00$132.00
    1024938C-35 EF W High Chair, walnut finish121.00/10.00$132.00
    1016742C-30 Replacement Straps Kit11.00/0.50$10.50
    1923580Label, Warning, High Chair Back11.00/0.50$1.80
    1916745Label, Caution, High Chair Under Seat11.00/0.50$3.20

    *Assembled in the USA from domestic and imported components.
  • Children's Booster Seats*

    Children's Booster Seats*

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    This wooden booster seat is made of solid 3/4" oak with one-piece frame construction. Radius edges keep food from collecting on this restaurant booster seat. Each wooden booster seat is stackable to save space in your restaurant or other food service establishment. For safety and stackability, each wooden booster seat also has anti-skid rubber pads. These wooden booster seats are available with or without safety straps. Choose from four different finishes with this wooden restaurant booster seat. Dimensions: Depth: 12" (305 mm), Height: 11" (279 mm), Width: 12" (305 mm).

    Model #DescriptionCase Qty.Shipping Wt. lbs./kgs.Price
    1016295BC-9 CH Booster Seat, cherry finish215.00/7.00$102.00
    1016296BC-9 N Booster Seat, natural finish215.00/7.00$102.00
    1017823BC-9 RM Booster Seat, red mahogany finish215.00/7.00$102.00
    1016297BC-9 W Booster Seat, walnut finish215.00/7.00$102.00
    1024939BC-9 EF N Booster Seat, natural finish215.00/7.00$73.00
    1024940BC-9 EF W Booster Seat, walnut finish215.00/7.00$73.00
    1024941BC-9 EF RM Booster Seat, red mahogany finish215.00/7.00$73.00
    1016621BC-91 N Booster Seat with straps, natural finish217.00/8.00$113.00
    1018733BC-91W Booster Seat With Straps, Walnut Finish217.00/8.00$113.00
    1017826C-30 BE, W, Booth Booster Seat, Walnut Finish212.00/5.00$169.50
    1018454C-30 BE, N, Booth Booster Seat, natural finish212.00/5.00$169.50
    1016317Wall Hanger, natural finish12.00/1.00$62.00

    *Assembled in the USA from domestic and imported components.
  • Infant Carrier Holder*

    Infant Carrier Holder*

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    Hardwood infant carrier holder with radius edges and corners. Washable webbing. Folds for easy storage. Carrier stand available in two finishes.

    Model #DescriptionCase Qty.Shipping Wt. lbs./kgs.Price
    1016883ICH-73 N Folding Infant Carrier Holder, natural finish18.00/4.00$114.00
    1017842ICH-73 W Folding Infant Carrier Holder, walnut finish18.00/4.00$114.00

    *Assembled in the USA from domestic and imported components.
  • Contempo Tray Stands*

    Contempo Tray Stands*

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    Hardwood restaurant tray stands with radius edges and corners. 1/4" rivet construction on these restaurant tray stands supports maximum weight. 2-1/4" (57 mm) washable black webbing. Tray stands fold up for easy storage. Dimension: Depth: 17" (432 mm), Width: 16-1/2" (419 mm), Tray stands available 30" (762 mm) or 38" (965 mm) tall. Restaurant tray stands allow those in the food service industry to efficiently serve many dishes at once.

    Model #DescriptionCase Qty.Shipping Wt. lbs./kgs.Price
    10162886 W 30" Contempo Tray Stand, walnut finish216.00/7.00$78.60
    10162916A RM 38" Contempo Tray Stand, red mahogany finish217.00/8.00$83.00
    10178216A RM 38" Reach Thru Tray Stand, red mahogany finish217.00/8.00$83.00
    10178346A BLK 38" Tray Stand, black finish217.00/8.00$83.00

    *Assembled in the USA from domestic and imported components.

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